The Desvall Shisha Pipes embody uncompromising design, functionality and real craftsmanship of the finest materials available to ensure the perfect shisha pipe experience.
The sweesha comes either in a box or in a bag. The sweesha bag is designed so that every part of the sweesha is protected. Therefore, you can take your sweesha on all your travels. The bag can be used as a handbag or a backpack. Its dimensions are according to most airlines’ carry-on-bord rules, so that it can be taken as hand luggage into the plane.


Meduse shisha pipes - founded in the Czech Republic in 2005 - have completely changed the global view of the traditional water pipe through their approach to design, materials are treatment. For the manufacturing, traditional crafting techniques are used alongside the the latest technology. Thanks to the focus on detail and the emphasis placed on the evolution of the product. Meduse has written the contemporary history of global shisha culture.