Every Cuaba is made in the distinctive shape known as double figurado, the style that at the end of the 19th Century was all the rage for Habanos. A century later, in 1996, this rich tradition was revived at the Romeo y Julieta factory. Double figurados are at the pinnacle of the cigar maker’s art and for this alone they merit a place in every cigar enthusiast’s collection. At the start Cuaba offered just four comparatively small sizes. However since 2003 three much larger sizes; the Distinguido, the salomon and the Diadema, have been released as part of the standard range. Cuaba, like Cohiba, is a Taino Indian word dating back to the time of Columbus. It was their name for a highly combustible bush, which the Indians used to light their ‘cohibas’.
All sizes contain a medium to full flavored, blend of filler and binder tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo zone and totally hand made.

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