Jose L. Piedra Cigars came to light in a Cuba that hadn’t met the revolution yet. In 1880 Vicente and Jose LA Madrid Piedra created Jose L. Piedra as a commercial brand and, apart from a brief 6 year break in 1990, they are still creating some of the most popular Cuban cigars in the market. Jose L. Piedra tobacco is grown in the exclusive region of Vuelta Arriba, a region of Cuba that is home to some of the best cigar tobacco growing land in the world. Piedra started creating 6 smaller, machine rolled cigars but later moved on to a brilliant range of handmade ones that have become a very popular brand for domestic consumption in Cuba. These cigars are created in their factory situated in Santa Clara. This may all be interesting but the important part, like with all cigars, is the taste. Jose L. Piedra cigars are considered to have a medium to full body with a pleasant aroma and slightly strong but typically Cuban taste. All this is brought to you with a very competitive price tag attached to the brand that is why these are some of best-selling Cuban cigars.

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