It is one of the few Habanos brands not born in Cuba’s capital city, Havana. Instead its founder Agustin Quintero with his four brothers set up shop in the south coast city of Cienfuegos, known as the “Pearl of the South” However the tobaccos come from vuelta Abajo the region growing the finest tobaccos in the world. The brand quickly found commercial success in Cuba and abroad (especially Spain, where Quintero cigars became extremely popular), and the brothers began creating several sizes of cigars. By the 1940s, the company opened a larger rolling factory in Havana, which helped Quintero Y Hermanos to grow their sales. The Quintero brand switched to machine-made cigars after Fidel Castro nationalised the cigar industry, and then returned to its handmade origins.
All the tobaccos selected for Quintero’s filler blend come from Vuelta Abajo and semi Abajo zones.Quintero’s medium bodied taste makes it ideal for those seeking to experience the flavor of Habanos at an affordable price.

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