Romeo y Julieta named after William Shakespeare’s tragic lovers, the origins of Romeo y Julieta as a Habano date back to 1875. The brand rose to international fame during the early years of the 20th Century under the direction of  Don Pepin Rodriguez, a talented promoter who was amongst the first to recognize the power of the cigar brand. Winston Churchill became a devotee of the brand .following his visit to Havana in 1946, his name has not only been commemorated on a brand but it has also served to describe the marque’s most famous size Romeo y Julieta Churchills.  Between 1885 and 1900, the brand won numerous awards at different tasting exhibitions as still evidenced by the gold medals on the brand’s logo. Today, the popularity of this brand is stronger than ever; the company’s meticulous attention to detail combined with respect for its Cuban heritage has created a legacy of extraordinary quality, construction, and flavor that extends throughout its many line extensions. Every cigar enthusiast is sure to find the perfect Romeo y Julieta cigar to suit his or her smoking needs. Romeo y Julieta’s balanced and aromatic blend of selected filler and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo zone that make it the classic medium bodied Habano and its also totally handmade.

Today Romeo y Juliet is as well as known around the world as ever and offers the widest range of sizes available in any Habano brand

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