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Swiss Doobacco Company was established in Switzerland and Germany in 2008. Today our company is one of the world’s largest producers of premium molasses tobacco. Our innovation, dedication to producing highest products, and unique packaging has given Doobacco a rapidly growing clientele base around the world. Our production starts with highest quality non-genetically modified Virginia tobacco from around the world. Tobacco is blended by master tobacconist to create our signature blends for our Doobacco silver and Doobacco black edition.

We do not add any artificial coloring to the tobacco so that its natural amber color is preserved.

Stems are removed, and leaves are finely torn, not cut to retain higher moisture content for a longer lasting natural flavor. Finally the main feature and attraction of Doobacco is our trade mark and exclusive natural aromas which guarantee a pure, non-chemical taste. These flavors are developed in our facility in Switzerland by craftsmen dedicated to creating the most unique, natural flavors, and aromas possible. The result is a luxury product for Shisha clientele who are coinsures of finer things in life.

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