Desvall designed in Stockholm what would become one of the world’s most elegant, innovative and exclusive shisha pipes. Today, Desvall is synonymous with uncompromising dedication to quality, unique design and passion for the utmost shisha pipe pleasure.

The Desvall draws its name from Emile Desvall, the inventor of the pat­ented Desvall shisha. Desvall stands for quality without compromise. Each Desvall shisha pipe is a combination of innovative engineering technology and traditional craftsmanship. Each piece has a unique serial number and takes up to 200 man-hours to be produced.

The pipes are handled with the utmost precision, combining stainless steel, hand-blown crystal vessels, traditional Swedish design ceramics, leather, and engineering technology and traditional craftsmanship. Exclusive details like the center ring design, allow the pipe to rotate on its own axis, preventing the shisha pipe from toppling over.

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