Meduse shisha pipes — founded in the Czech Republic in 2005 — have completely changed the global view of the traditional water pipe through their approach to design, materials and treatment. The glass body, the heart of the shisha pipe, hand-made from Bohemian glass, is a beautiful example of the perfect connection of art and functionality. Moreover, its eye — level position enables you to watch comfortably the processes going on inside the shisha when smoking. For the manufacturing, we use traditional crafts combined with the latest technologies. Meduse’s research team is consistently bringing new creative ideas and improvements. Thanks to our focus on detail and the emphasis placed on the evolution of our product, Meduse has written the contemporary history of global shisha culture.

Bohemian Glass 

Bohemian glass is one of the most significant products of the Czech Republic and currently is known worldwide. The quality of Bohemian glass is at the highest level thanks to its unbroken tradition of seven centuries of the craft that goes into creating the art of perfection. Each Meduse glass body requires hours of handcrafted processing by experienced and skillful glassmakers. Meduse shisha pipes are born in fire and shaped by human breath. Bohemian glass excels in its toughness and brightness and adds a uniqueness and exclusivity. This is real art, not just ordinary laboratory glass. Significant celebrities all over the world own Bohemian glass products, for example, royalty, presidents, and film and music stars.

Meduse Features

Each single shisha pipe is a unique handcrafted original masterpiece with a certificate of authenticity and an engraved serial number on its glass body to protect the product.

The head for tobacco is made of borosilicate glass, which excels in high temperature resistance and purity of taste there is no taste interference. The transparency of the head gives you perfect control over tobacco burning throughout smoking. The special system of upper and lower stainless steel filters has been developed for the placement of tobacco and charcoal instead of using tin foil. These stainless steel filters are healthier, easier to handle and match the overall design of the pipe perfectly. The hoses are made of the best quality food grade silicone, which is highly smell residue resistant and fully washable. The diameter of the hoses and all the openings in the pipe system guarantees a perfect draught and a dense smoke. And not only the hoses , all the materials Meduse pipes are manufactured from are water resistant, stainless and easy to clean. The high quality of processing, thick durable glass, comfort in handling, and easy cleaning and maintenance of all our products comes as standard.

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