It all started with luxury…

Registered in 2009, eukapis sàrl is a Swiss company based in Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The first product launched by eukapis sàrl in 2012 is the Étienne LeRoy ultra premium Swiss Made sheesha that was designed for the exclusive connoisseurs. The brand is now available in Switzerland, Germany, France, Monaco, Cyprus, the UAE, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and the USA, as well as online for the other markets. Every sweesha is assembled in Switzerland with components that have all been designed specifically for our products. All eukapis sàrl products come with a Swiss certificate of origin, which allows clients in several markets to import our products free of import duty (please ask us for a full list of existing free trade agreements).

Large colour range

Initially launched in four colours – green, black, white and grey – the sweesha range will evolve with its time. In 2017, a fashionable pink and a dark blue added to the range.

the carry bag

Requested by distributors in several countries, a carry bag was introduced in January 2016. This very convenient backpack allows users to take their favourite sweesha with them wherever they go. Tailored to fit in planes’ overhead bins, it ideally protects the sweesha in all travels.

Sweesha Material

  • Head:Porcelain
  • Charcoal Foil:Stainless steel
  • Metal Parts:Stainless steel
  • Hose:Medical-grade polymer(PVC),entirely washable
  • Mouth Piece:PET
  • Exterior Shell:Melamine
  • Water Container:Glass
  • Base:Natural rubber


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